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    As an alternative to calling customer care or going into a store to ask a question, you can take a look at this list of self-help options and see if you can find the answer yourself.

    1. – Here you can create a Sprint account and then you’ll have access to viewing your account details, such as bill, price plan, upgrade eligibility and you’ll also be able to change your PIN.
    2. – This self-help option allows customers to check the status of their order as long as they have a valid order number. For example, Sprint order numbers usually have the following format: dy-shso-xxxxxxx, oy-shso-xxxxxxx, tm-xxxx-xxxxxx, DM60-O-xxxxxxx, DM14-O-xxxxxx or COM1-O-xxxxxxx. When you type in the order number is very important to include the dashes and keep in mind that in between the dashes you have the letter “O”, not the number zero.
    3. – Here you’ll be able to check the status of an Advanced Exchange order.
    4. – Here you can locate Sprint corporate and 3rd party dealer stores and set up appointments.
    5.– Just received a new phone and you want to activate it? Then is the place to go.
    6. – This will connect you to a CHAT specialist that can assist you with any issues you may have or direct you to the right department.
    7. – Here you will find details about Sprint’s returning policy and returning process.
    8.– You’ll find explicit details about Sprint’s taxes and fees.
    9. – This self-help option allows you to check if you can port your number to Sprint and also check your port-in request status.
    10. – Here you can check your insurance claim with Asurion, check the status of your claim or download the free protection app.
    11. – Here you can change your PIN number.
    12. – This is a very useful self-help where you can download the user manual of your device.
    13. – You can view Sprint’s available phones.
    14. – Here you can find Sprint’s available accessories.
    15. – You’ll find a list of Sprint’s current price plans as well as a few details about them.
    16. – This helps you find if Sprint internet service is available in your area and provides detailed information about the available options.
    17. – Here you’ll be able to read reviews about Sprint phone you’re interested in.
    18. – Do you want to address a complaint or on the contrary, give some positive feedback? Then this is the place to go. There really are people who read all the messages sent here.
    19.– All the instructions needed for the mail-in rebate (MIR) process are found here. You can also check out the mail-in rebate status or download a mail-in rebate form. If you want even more information about the MIR process, you can also check
    20. – Here you can check out more information about Sprint employee program and register for an employee discount.
    21. – This will keep you up to speed with the hottest Sprint news.
    22. – Here you’ll find detailed information the LTE network and LTE-compatible smartphones. You can also register to be notified when there will LTE coverage in your area.
    23. – Certain customers (usually the ones who have push-to-talk devices) are eligible for $0.99 top-notch smartphones, so check your eligibility here.
    24. – Here you’ll find everything there is to know about Airave devices: FAQs, how they work and user guides.
    25. – Details about Sprint’s efforts to protect the planet.
    26. – Thinking about joining Sprint? Then check out
    27. – Roaming charges.

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