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    To me this is just non-sense because I'm a returning client and after my contract ended, I signed up for another 2 year contract, not because I'm really happy, but because I'm used to it, and I've been using the service for too long. I do feel that providers are more focused into obtaining new customers instead of appreciating their good paying and loyal clients. Their deals for new customers are too great compared to the existing clients. When I was browsing around the Sprint Forum, I saw a client who was complaining of the same thing. I think this is the procedure for more service providers. Is there a service provider that gives more importance to loyal customers nowadays?

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    Re: New Customers Get Better Deal

    There are many providers that focus on getting new customers than trying to retain their current ones. It's probably because when someone is a customer, they are more likely to stay, than leave. The challenging part must be getting new customers, which is probably why they're offering more incentives for them.

    You can try calling customer service, and speaking with the cancellation or retentions department. They might be able to offer you something. You could also switch to another provider. There are some prepaid providers offering good deals now and T-Mobile recently changed their plans around and they're reasonably priced.

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