From all of the networks that we can unlock the Sprint network proves to be the hardest one.<BR><BR>

The problem with this network is that hardly any phone asks for an unlock code.<BR><BR>

Sprint network locks their phone is such a way that there is no way to enter the unlock, no matter if You try a sequence, or when you insert an unaccepted simcard.<BR><BR>

The only known model to unlock is an iPhone, because You don't need to enter anything You just unlock the IMEI number.<BR><BR>

How can You recognize if the phone is locked in Sprint network?<BR><BR>

Mostly You can try inserting an unaccepted simcard, or follow instructions on the unlock page.<BR><BR>

If there is no way to enter the code, it might be Sprint, also most Sprint phones have an IMEI starting with 99, but not always.<BR><BR>

If You try to unlock a Samsung model for example Unlock your Samsung Galaxy S2 by code - - unlock your phone, You can follow hese instructions:<BR><BR>

How to enter code in Samsung Galaxy S2 ?Unlock code You can enter in three different ways:<BR>
1. Insert foreign (Unaccepted) Sim card<BR>
2. The phone should ask for unlock code<BR>
3. Enter Unfreeze or Defreeze code<BR>
4. Enter NCK or Network code<BR>
The phone is now unlocked<BR><BR>

If your phone does not ask for the unlock code<BR>
1. Turn on the phone with original Sim card or without Sim card<BR>
2. Enter #7465625*638*NCK/Network#<BR>
The phone is now unlocked.<BR><BR>

If your phone does not ask for the unlock code:<BR>
1. Turn on the phone with a foreign (Unaccepted) Sim card<BR>
2. Then enter the following sequence:<BR>
The phone is now unlocked. <BR><BR>

We can also unlock different models like:<BR><BR>

Unlock your Samsung Galaxy S3 by code - - unlock your phone, or Unlock your Samsung Galaxy Mini by code - - unlock your phone, so we have a variety of models to help You.<BR><BR>

To check the full list of our models please check out our - unlock your phone.<BR><BR>

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