On March 1st, my wife and I pre-ordered 2, S7 phones for a pickup of March 11th. After thinking for a few days and doing some additional research I determined that switching our service to Sprint may not be a wise decision at this time due to their customer service record. I returned to the store on March 6th and was told by Lead CSR I had to return after the phones arrived on 3/11. I returned on 3/11 and completed the return with CSR. They found quickly that they were unable to do the return of the prepaid activation fees and that only their manager would know how to do this. He was on vacation. Attempts were made at contacting another manager... I was told that we would have to wait 15 days for a bill to come out or the credit to post to the account, then if it did not post they would have to fill out an online form to get the refund completed. No account

The bill / Credit never came, On 3/29, I returned after 18 days from the return date. Was told she could not fill out the form and her manager had to do it. He would not be in until 3/31. After a bit of heated conversation, I gave CSR my contact information once again for the manager to contact me 3/31 during his working hours as she stated I did not need to be present for this.

Someone please help me understand my rights and this crazy process. I'm about to go insane with these people.

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