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    STAY AWAY FROM nTELOS & SPRINT! I have been with nTelos for a year now AND let me add they have LIED to me every step of the way! NOW TODAY WITHOUT MY AUTHORIZATION THEY PULLED OUT $46 TWICE OUT OF OUR CREDIT CARD FOR SERVICE FOR ANOTHER MONTH THAT WE DID NOT WANT OR AUTHORIZE THEM TO. WE ARE NOW FIGHTING IT WITH THE CARD COMPANY! FOLKS, PLEACE BE AWARE OF THIS COMPANY.....THEY ARE LIARS,THIEFS, & ASSES! DO NOT BELIEVE A WORD THEY TELL YOU ABOUT ANYTHING! BEWARE & GO TO ANOTHER CELL COMPANY! SAVE YOURSELF THE HASSLE & LIES! THEY WILL KEEP YOUR CARD ON FILE IF YOU GIVE IT TO THEM ONCE & USE IT AGAIN WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION, EVEN THOUGH IT IS AGAINST THE LAW WITH OUT YOUR AUTHORIZATION TO DO SO(my wife had the phones turned on ONLY FOR A SHORT TIME 3&1/2 WEEKS untill we were able to go with Net10, she even told nTelos NOT to keep the card on file because we were changing companys because we were moving out of state,THEN nTelos told her not to worry they couldn't because it was against the law),SUCH LIARS,THEY DID ANYWAY! NOW WE HAVE TO FIGHT THIS JUST TO GET REFUNDED WITH THE CREDIT CARD COMPANY BECAUSE NTELOS SAID TO ME...NO REFUNDS! ALSO Spint likes to play phone tag with their nTelos customers & BS them in more ways than one.They will appoligize many times over (45s went out years ago) STOP REPEATING YOURSELVES! THEN send you to another operator OVER & OVER, ALSO PEOPLE THERE ARE BETTER COMPANYS OUT THERE LIKE TracFone & Net 10 that are 1000% better & more reliable & NO ROAMING!!! THAT IS NTELOS'S middle name.....ROAMING WITH HIGH COSTS & THEY WILL F' YOU THERE TOO! THEY HAVE WITH ME WITH $20 WORTH OF CREDIT I COULDN'T USE WHEN I REALLY NEEDED IT THE MOST!WITH A RECORDING SAYING YOU DO NOT HAVE THE FUNDS AVAILABLE TO PLACE THIS CALL. BUT MY OLD Net10 reliable DID WORK 100% AS MY BACKUP ONE NIGHT I was stuck! SO F' YOURSELF NTELOS! YOU ARE BY FAR MY WORST COMPANY IN OVER 30+ YEARS! Also folks I have been getting alot of runaround by both companys, nTelos & Sprint, I have a nice HTC phone & sprint wants to degrade me with a $60 cheap phone to switch over to their network with no contract UNLESS I was willing to upgrade to a nicer phone OR CONTRACT! & I told them F' no! I will not accept A cheaper phone & THEN they tried to sell me a much more expensive phone for $25 more a month BUT I didn't want my bill going up any higher (Mainly because we were moving) + I wanted to keep the plan I already had.Then I called nTelos and told them what Sprint was trying to pull and they said it was out of their hands. I had said ********,I still use your damn towers, I haven't been switched yet u asses! Please don't F' me with a cheaper phone to switch over over to Sprints network. Give me a phone with the same or better model if I cannot use my HTC. BUT do not degrade me with a much cheaper phone. That is not acceptable to me or my wife & she has a nicer Galaxy phone. PLEASE FOLKS DON'T ACCEPT THEIR BS & LIES! SWITCH YOUR PHONE OVER TO ANOTHER COMPANY LIKE Net10....WE ARE FOR SURE!IF YOU CAN GET THROUGH THE ACTIVATION PROCESS NET10 IS THE BEST WAY TO GO,JUST HAVE TO GO SLOW & DEAL WITH THEM I have been happy with net 10 for over 12 + years. AND VERY MUCH REGRET EVER DEALING WITH NTELOS OR THEIR NEW PARTER! BOTH COMPANYS ARE FULL OF **** BIG TIME!!!! SAVE YOURSELF A BIG HEADACHE LATER IN LIFE.....GO WITH NET 10 THEY REALLY DO HAVE THE BEST SERVICE MOST REASONABLE AROUND! I HAVE HAD MY OLD LG800G "Old Realiable" for many years that NEVER let me down EVER!!! IT HAS OVER 8000 MINUTES rolled over for over 12+ years now. I travel alot & never loose cell service.....Net10 from TracFone is a much better deal & company than nTelos for damn sure!!!! STAY AWAY FROM THEM YOU WILL THANK ME LATER IF YOU DO!!! IF NOT...GET OUT YOUR HEADACHE MEDICINE,,,,TAKE CARE FOLKS & I DO HOPE THIS HELPS OUT ALOT OF PEOPLE,I usually do not bother writing these on Forums BUT this time I really wanted my problem to be heard because I was very much mistreated by both companys & wanted to warn others too, like using ebays feedback, I do hope this helps.......Take care...... "01Dixie"......................................... ............P.S.MY WIFE WENT TO CALL ME LATER & WAS TOLD I WAS NOT ACCEPTING ANY CALLS (WHICH ALSO WAS A LIE, THEY HAD MY # BLOCKED TO MAKE OR RECEIVE CALLS) ALSO, THANK GOD WE USE SKYPE TOO,SHE GOT AHOLD OF ME THAT WAY & TOLD ME ABOUT THE MESSAGE SHE HAD GOTTON FROM NTELOS,AGAIN....BULL.... THEN I CALLED 611 FROM THE FONE ASKING THEM WHAT THE F"... I WAS ALSO TOLD THAT THEY NEEDED ANOTHER $5 TO START UP MY SERVICE AFTER PULLING $92 OUT OF MY ACCOUNT WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.......SUCH *****!!!! THEN THEY ASKED WHAT CREDIT CARD WILL I BE USING....LIKE THEY STILL DON'T HAVE IT ON FILE! THIEVES!!!! F' ERS!!!! SO NOW WE ARE FIGHTING TO GET THE MONEY BACK!!! SUCH ******** TIME WAISTED!!!! U *******S!!!! ONE MORE THING...I CALLED THEM BACK 8 HRS LATER MAKING SURE MY FONE WAS TURNED OFF AND THEY HAD LIED AGAIN...IT WAS STILL ON!!!! LIES THAT NEVER QUIT....ALL LIARS, ALL THE TIME!!!! DO PEOPLE REALLY WANT TO DEAL WITH LIES FROM A COMPANY??? I WAS RAISED TO BE HONEST MYSELF. Just a good ole boy raised in the 70's with a very beautiful wife now in my old age,hehe........Just b smart & choose a better company, I also called to make sure that the account was taken off, SHUT DOWN on both of our fones!We are changing over to Net 10, pulled out their damn sim cards to FINALLY be done with their ASSES!!! Take care.....

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