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    So I joined Sprint in 2013 when I lived outside of Manhattan and had full 4G LTE service and have stuck with them until now. I had to move recently to an area in upstate NY on the border of Canada. I do have sprint coverage here however it is usually only 1 bar of 3G coverage and it is unreliable. Depending where I am my coverage switches to Extended, and sometimes connects to Canadian Rogers towers and other times it's just No Service. I emailed the out of coverage dept to waive the ETF and they are refusing because they say I am in a sprint coverage area. Now this is not right to me, I'll pay the fee if I have to but I will not recommend sprint to anyone if they refuse to help me. I can barely check my email with the coverage I have here. My contacts tell me they are calling me and I am ignoring their calls, yet my phone doesn't even ring when they call. Sorry for the long post, just upset with this company that is refusing to be reasonable with me.

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    Re: Out Of Network Early Termination Fee


    Please try to Network Unlock your mobile to use any GSM network sim card which you feel feasible.

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