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    I have a Sprint service prepaid account and wondering if the cell tower map
    is accurate? A coverage map shows Sprint Coverage in Grayland, Wa. 98547, and another map shows the Sprint tower to be located approx. ~75 miles SW (as the crow flys) in Kelso, WA. 98626.

    I'm unable to post the link to the tower map(s) as I don't have enough posts)

    I'm located in 98547 and need to travel approx. 12 miles north along the ocean and then approx. 1/2 mile East to receive any Sprint reception.

    I'm able to get sporadic coverage (shows 3G) sometimes while traveling the 12 miles. However the coverage is really poor and when I do reach the spot where I make calls on top of a hill. The service seems to be ok but could be better.

    I'm thinking due to hills perhaps this location has a better shot at the Sprint cell tower which according to the cellular tower map is in Kelso, wa approx. 75 miles to the SW

    I'm just trying to figure out where along the Pacific Ocean I'll have some cell reception as it seems all the Sprint Towers are located ~50+ miles farther inland to east. near within cities and towns near I-5.

    Is this normal for cell towers to from 50 to over 75 miles from a location that shows there's Sprint coverage?

    All the cell maps shows Sprint coverage in my area 98547, with a few dead zones.

    Other cellular service in the same area such as from Verizon and USCelluar have cell towers much closer such as from ~5 to ~15 miles. I think too T-Mobile and AT&T also have cell towers that are closer than 75 miles as the crow flys.

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    Re: Cell phone towers distance and reception

    Honestly, our mobile phones emit more radiation than these cellphone towers. I wouldn't be too concerned.

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