I entered the LifeLine program about a decade ago. My first phone was "lost", and a couple of years later my second phone was stolen, so I had to get another, which in turn had a different number.

The phone sent to me was a UMX U683CL (which was distributed by Assurance Wireless).

Several years ago, I developed a problem with that phone, and I was told that I could pick up a new phone as long as it was compatible with Sprint. (This I found odd because Assurance wireless was my service provider).

After checking compatibility I got a CAT S48c phone via Ebay, which was my first "decent" cell phone. But no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get the company to carry over my phone number to the new phone. And now after several years I still occasionally have to make number corrections because some individual/organization still has my previous number listed for me.

A couple of weeks ago my 256GB MicroSD card and sim card became "corrupted" on the same day. An Assurance wireless representative told me I needed a new phone, which I was qualified to get.(My CAT S48c oddly was no longer compatible). But I read that Assurance wireless was initiating some sort of "upgrade" to their system that would only support 4G LTE phones.

I received the new phone(REVVL 4 / 5007W) from Assurance wireless, but upon activation it didn't have my phone number, which I've had for the last several years.

Now, depending on the Assurance wireless representative I get I'm told that the phone number is under a different provider or numbers cannot be changed back. One representative even told me that my old number would be transferred over.(After an hour of back and forth and holds involving my identity, pins and passcodes). But unfortunately, the new phone I have, which is garbage compared to my CAT phone, still has the new number.

Thanks to my hearing loss problem I had the guy at the cell phone store try to help me and after hours over the course of two days he concluded that the Assurance representatives he spoke with were incompetent.

The most common conclusion given by them is that the number I want back is under a different company.

After calling Sprint/T-mobile, and even swinging by a T-Mobile store for help, I'm told that they do not have jurisdiction over that number. This is odd, because the several cell phone provider look-up sites I plugged that number into all said Sprint PCS, and one said T-Mobile.

I don't know why my number was changed in the first place, and this is extremely inconvenient for me.

Any advice would be appreciated.


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