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    Spy on cell phone using number and not touching target phone, spyware with trial period that works and that will allow me to download software on tablet and monitor iphone activity. it must offer trial period before i purchase.

    See More: Best phone spyware with no access to target cell phone ?

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    Re: Best phone spyware with no access to target cell phone ?

    I have a truly protected and simple to utilize site that will enable you to get to who your better half is messaging to. A few months back I had suspected that my companion was having affair with someone else. Basically how the site functions is you enter the individual's telephone number and it gives you a report of who he/she has been messaging. It sort of works an indistinguishable route from your cellphone charge in getting to the rundown of numbers that individual has been in contact with.

    GO TO: Text message monitor tool

    It's simple , I use this site all the time now and I prescribe it to any individual who is interested to see whether their life partner may be flirting around with other individuals.

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    Re: Best phone spyware with no access to target cell phone ?

    iKeyMonitor Mobile Spy Key logger - Run in stealth, invisibly SPY.

    • Spy on websites visited
    • Spy on SMS, WhatsApp Msg
    • Spy on Keystrokes, Passwords
    • Send the logs to you by Email/FTP
    • Spy on Facebook Msg, Skype, IM+, Kik, Viber... and more...
    iKeyMonitor - Best Keylogger spy app for iPhone/iPad/iPod
    - Android Mobile Phone Spy

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    Re: Best phone spyware with no access to target cell phone ?

    I've recently stumbled across an easy to use tool on spying on someones text messages without them knowing. if you are suspicious of a bf/gf, spouse, husband/wife this would be a good tool to use. Ive tried a few different ways and haven't had any luck. you just put the phone number into the database and it will generate the cellphone records you are trying to access. i felt kind of guilty at first but then when i see the text messages I'm glad that I did. I wouldn't use this just for fun I would use it if you really need to find out if someone is cheating/doing something they aren't suppose to. i will post the link below for those who are interested. thank you


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    Re: Best phone spyware with no access to target cell phone ?

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