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    How to track someone else s mobile phone number for free without them knowing

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    Re: Can u track someone elses iphone without them knowing?

    Iīve recently found a very simple tool where you can spy on someones text messages without them knowing. If you are suspicious of your boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse or your husband/wife this would be a helpful tool to use. Iīve tried a few different websites and tools but havenīt had any luck.

    VISIT: Text SPY

    You just put the phone number into the database and it will generate the cellphone records you are trying to access. First I was nervous and felt kind of guilty, but it was better to know the truth than to worry about it all the time, Iīm glad that I did. I wouldnīt use this just for fun, I would use it if you really need to find out if someone is cheating/ doing something they arenīt supposed to.
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    Re: Can u track someone elses iphone without them knowing?

    iKeyMonitor Mobile Spy Key logger - Run in stealth, invisibly SPY.

    • Spy on websites visited
    • Spy on SMS, WhatsApp Msg
    • Spy on Keystrokes, Passwords
    • Send the logs to you by Email/FTP
    • Spy on Facebook Msg, Skype, IM+, Kik, Viber... and more...
    iKeyMonitor - Best Keylogger spy app for iPhone/iPad/iPod
    - Android Mobile Phone Spy

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    Re: Can u track someone elses iphone without them knowing?

    i would use this easy online simple tool. it gives you info on the persons cellphone and to see who they are texting. I've used it on my ex husband and caught him cheating on me with multiple women. ill post the website below for you to see.


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