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    can somebody help? I would like to know how to get his text messages to my phone when they come into his phone. I think he deletes them so I don`t see them.

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    Re: How can i get my boyfriends text messages sent to my phone? FREE

    I have a truly protected and simple to utilise site that will enable you to get to who your better half is messaging to. A few months back I had suspected that my companion was having affair with someone else. Fundamentally how the site functions is you enter the individual's telephone number and it gives you a report of who he/she has been messaging. It sort of works an indistinguishable route from your cellphone charge in getting to the rundown of numbers that individual has been in contact with.


    It's simple basic, I utilize this site all the time now and I prescribe it to any individual who is interested to see whether their life partner may be flirting around with other individuals.
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    Re: How can i get my boyfriends text messages sent to my phone? FREE

    I researched and looked up so many ways to read someone text messages, some of the software people offer are to advanced and not able to understand it. I finally stumbled across a website that is simple, you just enter the persons phone number and it sends to a data base that gives you their information and text/cell phone log. Im all about privacy but i was suspecting my husband was seeing other women and after a few months of suspecting and doing research i finally found out and caught him. I wouldnt use this site for people just for pleasure but be responsible and use it for the intent purpose. ill post the link below for everyone, i hope you all good luck in whatever it is you want to see and spy on someones text messages. thank you.


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    Re: How can i get my boyfriends text messages sent to my phone? FREE

    iKeyMonitor Mobile Spy Key logger - Run in stealth, invisibly SPY.

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