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    Is cell phone spy software can install remotely on target phone?

    See More: Is cell phone spy software can install remotely on target phone? 100% FREE

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    Re: Is cell phone spy software can install remotely on target phone? 100% FREE

    I have written and published Can a cell phone spy software be installed from a remote location? Here is short summary about remote location installation of cell phone spy software.
    “Cell phone spy remote installation.” Just type these keywords in any of the popular search engines and you will see a long list of such companies who claim that the cell phone spy software offered by them can be installed on the targeted cell phone from a remote location. While such companies may swash anything about their product, the fact is that a valid cell phone spy software cannot be installed on the targeted cell phone remotely.

    I am sure most of the readers must be thinking the reasons of it, so let me explain the reasons that why a cell phone tracking software cannot be installed remotely.

    The first reason is that the human intellect is a must in order to go through the basic steps involved while you install a cell phone monitoring software on a cell phone. Without human wisdom, you cannot perform the required operations, such as downloading the ‘.APK’ format file from the default browser of the cell phone, and enabling the cell phone to auto-connect to any available internet connection, be it Wi-Fi or packet data.
    Once the cell phone spy application has been installed on the targeted cell phone, it is very important to remove the residual files from the cell phone on which the software is installed. Otherwise, the person being monitored may come to know that he is being tracked by someone. Removal of the residual files cannot be done remotely, so the software needs to be physically installed.
    Isn’t it the case that you often find troubles while you attempt to install any software? Randomly, it may happen that you encounter some errors and may need to contact customer support while installing a cell phone monitoring application. Owing to this, you cannot install a software remotely.
    Well, all of you know that third party apps cannot be directly installed on any gadget which operates on the iOS operating system, and in case you need to install a third party app, you need to run the jailbreak process on the iOS gadget, which can only be done physically.
    If you desire to install the said software on any gadget which operates Android Lollipop or later, rooting the android device is a must. The process of rooting the device can only be carried out physically.

    Well, the reasons mentioned above were of a technical nature, but let me explain you another thing. Had this been the case that a spy app for cell phone could be installed from a remote location, it will be possible for one to install it on any cell phone, which is not legal at all according to the privacy laws prevailing in most parts of the world. Remember, you cannot monitor a phone which you do not legally own. Moreover, consent of the person being monitored is also an important requisite.
    Whenever you see any such offer, a good idea can be to search the name of the company in any search engine and add the word ‘scam.’ This will show the comments from dissatisfied customers who may be cheated by the said company, if any. Normally, such companies are fake and often use fake addresses and contact numbers.
    Concluding the discussion, it can be asserted that it is just a myth that a cell phone spy software can be installed from a remote location, while in actual it is not possible.
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    Re: Is cell phone spy software can install remotely on target phone? 100% FREE

    Quote Originally Posted by Maria_mole View Post
    Is cell phone spy software can install remotely on target phone?
    You must have physical access to the target phone to install cell phone spy software.
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    Re: Is cell phone spy software can install remotely on target phone? 100% FREE

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    Re: Is cell phone spy software can install remotely on target phone? 100% FREE

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