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    Re: spy on cell phone without touching for FREE

    I wish to kindly introduce [email protected]
    now read carefully; on no account should you seek for a hackers service who you can't have direct contact with, make sure you are able to call/chat with him/her on Whatsapp or a phone call.
    Pavel has worked for me on several occasions, he hacked a friends computer system who wanted to ruin my life, again, he helped mop some articles on some websites and recently he hacked a Facebook and an email account and provided the key loggers for me.
    I feel so pained that people always fall into the wrong hands when seeking for a hacker services and felt the need to fill you guys in on this one, when you mail him ask for a direct contact with him and he will provide his cell phone number.
    He hacks everything;
    CAIVRS database
    cell phone taps
    expunges bad records e.t.c

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