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    A week ago when i was at school and left the classroom i had my cellphone in my bag and someone stole it....When I call my old number it rings, but no one answers and sometimes it sounds like it's busy/ i guess that the person who stole it uses my number....I want to send a keylogger to see who has my phone and if any damage has been done....It's android, does anyone know how can i install any software to this?the problem is that it will be difficult since i don't have my phone, so is there a way to spy it remotely?

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    Re: How to send a keylogger freeware to my stolen phone?

    I've been using a free monitoring tool, which would fit your needs, too. The name of this free software is ***** Keylogger and it is great for monitoring your employees' work on their computers with or without their knowledge - you can choose whether you want the basic version which is switched on and off by the employee, or the stealth version that runs without being noticed by your worker. It is also very easy to use, so I hope you'll like it!

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    Re: How to send a keylogger freeware to my stolen phone?

    iKeyMonitor Mobile Spy Key logger - Run in stealth, invisibly SPY.

    • Spy on websites visited
    • Spy on SMS, WhatsApp Msg
    • Spy on Keystrokes, Passwords
    • Send the logs to you by Email/FTP
    • Spy on Facebook Msg, Skype, IM+, Kik, Viber... and more...
    iKeyMonitor - Best Keylogger spy app for iPhone/iPad/iPod
    - Android Mobile Phone Spy

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