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    My girlfiend has been so weird latley. she never has time for me. it all started when we started to get serious. first off she is 16 and i am 15.
    whenever she would come to my house she would always take my phone. she would look thriugh everything. i have nothing to hide but what really bothers me is when evernshe does take my phone she will NEVER let me see hers. then when break started she got "grounded" but everyday since break started she has either spent the night at her friends house or had a friend come over. Then tonight at 6:30 she said she would be right back in 10 minutes. so after 30 minutes she hadnt texted me so i sent her a message every 5-10 minutes until and hour later she said she was done. then i told her i was upset because i feel like shenis either lying or cheating on me and she said, wow. i am super hurt. and i need to be alone. for the last hour i have sent her all these messages saying why i love her and im sorry but she wont reply.
    can anyone tell me what they think about this

    See More: i think my girlfriend is cheating on me. can anyone help me? 100% FREE

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    Re: i think my girlfriend is cheating on me. can anyone help me? 100% FREE

    You should start monitoring her cellphone usage to find out whether she is cheating on you.

    Monitor her Whatsapp and all direct messages using this online tool.


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