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    Been thinking about new phone for a while, and I think finally ready top jump. I can afford a smart phone and monthly phone/text/data costs, but just don't see the point. I'm over 50, retired, keep very busy with innumerable hobbies/interests, and am not the addictive type. I've borrowed my kid's iPhones for multi-day trials, and as mesmerizing gadgets as they are (truly unbelievably unbelievable!), I still find myself quickly reverting back to the basics: phone, text, practically nothing on the net except maybe a sports score if I'm in a movie, very little else, and they have all sorts of other tempting "else" loaded in. My regular routine puts me on the computer maybe an hour cumulative daily scanning headlines, clearing minor e-mail traffic, playing a little chess (my one game), and maybe shopping/reserving a bit. I read the daily hard-copy paper cover-to-cover (love the feel of it), and am old-fashioned about books (although expect an iPad or Kindle will cure me of that, probably more an iPad-type device as long as I'm going there). Anyway, I expect I'd grow into some greater minimum level of use if I owned a smart phone, but even at that minimum level, what's the point?

    As regards phones in general, I like the compactness/closed feel of a flip phone, and there's nothing very smart in flip phones (no touch screen interfaces), so not a whole lot of variety there. As for value, Straight Talk gives such a good price ($45/month for unlimited phone/text/mobile per chance I'd ever need it, all over Verizon or ATT towers and therefore coverage areas), that that's where I'd sign-up (presently on ATT, and it's fine). I've also pretty well decided that for ease around the house and in the little travel I do, an iPad type device would join the dumb flip phone, very convenient for reading in bed, lounging in front of the TV, etc. So that's the "couple" I'm headed toward, dumb Straight Talk flip phone and iPad-type device.

    Here are my questions, all related to the phone. The few flip phones offered by Straight Talk offer basically all I need, plus some with camera, but not something I'd use much given pixel counts in the toy category and low particular interest. Functionally, this means the flip phone would offer phone, text, 500+ address book, hands-free capability (speaker, not bluetooth), volume control, caller ID, silent and vibrate settings. Qualitatively, it means very good talk/text battery life, good signal strength reception, and good reception clarity. Of the Straight Talk flip phones I've looked at, these qualitative factors seem to come down on the side of the LG LG420G. Certainly not a ground breaker, but it and others provide the necessary functionality, and the few reviews I can find suggest it's as good or better than the others qualitatively. So I ask, any comments on that?

    Second, I ask does the LG420G or any other of the Straight Talk flip phones allow the user to delete "recent call/text logs". These logs are what the user pops-up for entering address of text recipients, but although call and text history can be deleted, these logs apparently cannot. My current phone, a pretty reliable 3-4 year-old Samsung SGH-A707 (except for battery time, sucks!), has this same feature, a "recent text log" that cannot practically be cleared (can be done by re-setting the whole phone, but this wipes out address book entries on phone memory and all settings, and the "log" merely re-populates as additional texts are sent, so of next-to-zero value). So I ask, does anyone out there know if any of the Straight Talk flip phones allow clearing of these "recent call/text logs"?

    Many thanks for anyone taking the time to respond. Comments on the whole Straight Talk deal also would be welcome.

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    Re: I'm settling for a Walmart Straight Talk phone and iPad, but which phone? HELP!!!

    I realize you posted this a while ago. What phone did you end up getting?

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    Re: I'm settling for a Walmart Straight Talk phone and iPad, but which phone? HELP!!!

    smart phones suck -the screens get scratched-mine dials numbers when i didn't want it to==u get calls from people that were dialed in pocket that last 4 minutes- a message on answering file--with a flip you just flip and call is ended

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    Re: I'm settling for a Walmart Straight Talk phone and iPad, but which phone? HELP!!!

    don't use straight talk. the service is bad. customer service is worse. they will rip you off.

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