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    I have straight talk service and I have everything working on my iPhone 3gs. All but mms! I don't want to try and jailbreak the phone and end up with an iBrick! Does any one know how to get mms working? I am using the sim card from the nokia e71 straight talk phone. Never had a problem with any android phones I've used. Also I know it's "wrong" to change the sim out and what not but I want this phone to work with my service. Thanks!

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    Re: Mms with iPhone on Straight Talk HELP!!!!

    Having a Straight Talk account myself, and using a NON ST phone, I do know that you can NOT use a SIM card from any other ST phone. You MUST purchase a brand new SIM card and have the phone unlocked to use on the ST service. Then, you must also have your APN settings in the cell modified.

    I just went through all of this myself before switching phones. I was going to get an iPhone, but in my area it cost a lot more to have it unlocked so I just went with a different phone that has a lot of features that other smart phones have (without it actually being a smart phone).

    The MMS on your iPhone won't work unless you update the APN settings AFTER you've already purchased a new sim card. While SOME features of your current SIM card from your old ST phone may work, all features will not and can actually result in your service being terminated if ST were to find out you were using a non BYOP (bring your own phone) new SIM card.

    Here is the info on the BYOP and purchasing a SIM. straighttalksim . com/

    If you scroll to the bottom of the above page, it gives you a link to the support page for APN. It tells you how to (and how you MUST) update your new NON ST phone APN settings in order for MMS to work on the ST service.

    I hope this information is helpful to you. If all else fails, call ST or go to their facebook page and click the "Support" tab at the top and put in a support ticket. If you do that, it's easier than calling cause you can actually understand them as opposed to talking to someone on the phone who doesn't speak very good English. If you put in a support ticket through the FB page, you will get an automated e-mail right away saying your ticket has been submitted, and then they are pretty good about responding within a couple hours, if not within just one.

    Hope this helps
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