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    Straight Talk will work with a plethora of phones - they just have to be unlocked and have a GSM antenna (850 & 1900MHz). Basically that means any phone offered on AT&T or T-Mobile.

    • Some phones are easier than others to get to work properly
    • Data & MMS may not work correctly if you cannot edit the APN settings. Doing so requires jailbreaking on the iPhone & may require rooting on an Android phone.
    • Blackberry's will work, but you will not have MMS or any Blackberry services (bbm, push email, native web browser)
    • You cannot use a GSM/CDMA Blackberry (Verizon) since it does not have the proper GSM frequences
    • 4g LTE will not work at all on any phone

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    Re: What phones can be used with Straight Talk?

    Would like to add the Samsung Note 1 works good on straight talk. My version is not unlocked but is working as it should
    with straight talks AT&T sim card. I did have to change the APN settings as they said I would but after that everything is fine. I am able
    to make and receive calls, send and receive text, send and receive pictures and browse the web just fine.

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    Re: What phones can be used with Straight Talk?

    add samsung Note II

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    Re: What phones can be used with Straight Talk?

    Nice! I just got a Straight Talk card code for FREE! Free Straight Talk Reload Codes for June 2017

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