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    Ok when I first got a straight talk phone Transferred my number from Verizon like 3 days later phone stopped working. They had given My number to someone else. Sadly after fixing it I lost 30 days of time I had purchased because I didn't save the card I had scratched off. After about 2 weeks of arguing back and forth got that fixed and they was the best phone company I had. Untill. I lost my phone driving down the road and purchased a new one. Transaction was smooth No problems but 2 months later the new phone was not working. SO I had to mail them my phone and wait for them to mail me one back. Walmart wouldn't just let me exchange it there Even though I bought it there. After getting it back it took an extra week to finally get my number back and Now I can't seem to get it added to my account I had already made at there website.
    Basically on my end The phones are ok.. the reception and as far as the calls and stuff they are excellent. BUT if you need support you will get more done by simply forgetting support.
    Now . am I the lucky one or does every one have problems with support. If I had it all to do over again. I wouldn't be with straight talk.

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    Re: Anyone else having problems with straight talk

    yes there support are unresponsive some times

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    Re: Anyone else having problems with straight talk

    I agree i would never use them again everyone need to down load a data usage app just to learn that they double the usage on there end and even though u have proof tooooo bad I signed up with a law suit against them it might take a while they settled out of court and said they would do better with service but as everyone can see they just keep ripping people off they are the middle men and Dont have the ability to add or change data when they get it wrong run away from straight talk I told them I was recording the call and to repeat that I used 5 GS in one night when my app said 1.6 GS used he said I'm informing u that u Dont have my consent to record and would not repeat good luck everyone God be with u

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    Re: Anyone else having problems with straight talk

    straight talk is terrible. Their customer support is awful. Do not buy a straight talk phone. They will rip you off.

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