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    so i have this ZTE lying around and main phone is on the verge of dying, already got the unlock code and now the hard part is having the damn phone kick over the unlock prompt. I've tried doing it with several different service cards and turning on and of as well as factory reset, no box. Tried no sim and typing in *983*8284#, ###825*09# and *983*865625#, still nothing. Did the combination between both on wifi and on the original sim, NADA. My Question is does anyone else have a tip to either prompt the code box to pop up or a way to force the unlock code into the phones system by other means?

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    Re: Need immediate help to unlock ZTE Unico LTE Z930L

    i have the same problem, and it look like nobody want or can help. i bought a phone that was coming the the code, but the way they say, to have the prompt using another sim does nothing. did you kind a way?

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