I am in a small town and Dont have good service I was with metro PCS.I was having dead zones everywhere but had unlimited data true unlimited.I wanted to upgrade cell phone and better tower service.I found that ATT had twice the towers than metro.I looked at plans and decided to go with Straight talk 45$ 5G plan.I switched over and bought the Lenovo K3 note cell For 140$ what a deal no complaint.The only thing was volume was lo.Waiting for fix and u will never get me to change to a different cell.Well back to data after it was activated. I used it for a week when they informed me that I was over 5 G no way I thought. Soi paid for another month.This time I downloaded a data usage app.When I got to 2.80G.They informed me that I was over by text.I called right away informed them I had a app that reads how much data I used.The lady said that there data showed over and didn't matter that I had proof.They can't do anything about it so I informed them that I would change service.They didn't care.I thing is I thought maybe I was wrong again so I updated my service to 10 G but in doing so the data format on there end didn't upgrade me so I got to 4.80G they throttled me to 2G.I called explained everything to the lady and she changed my APN settings turned off my data roaming and told me I had 5 GS left.My cell never ran smoother and faster than it did that night.It was Great so I watched UTube for 20 mins. Wow nice.Then the next day I get throttled again.Back to 2G.I called once again and told him the whole story.I told him that I had proof that I only used just over one G.Once again I got screwed owning a different device than they sell makes it a difficult experience to activate. They where informed that I would sue.went on line looking for others like me.Yep there was and u can sign on with them on line.LoL but if u are with straight talk u can't when u try they knock u off says no data connection so I went on and signed on with them on my brothers cell.LOL no problem there went on to web page So anyone thinking of straight talk be careful on the decisions u make God bless everyone

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