i used a website called cheaperchange.com to fill my straight talk service for nearly two years. shortly after i started using it to fill my dads line as well his phone couldnt be refilled because a credit card chargeback had been placed on his account by the owner of the stolen credit card cheaperchange had used to fill the phone, i had paid for the refill with paypal. they assured me it was a mistake and made everything good again, but i did have to go buy a physical card and call straight talk to clear up the issue, they credited my account with two months service for my time and money. jump ahead a few months, same thing happened to my phone. I checked my straighttalk account and saw a huge list of all of the different cards used to fill my service. ive never used a card in my life. LONG STORY SHORT IF YOU USE STRAIGHTTALK TO FILL YOUR PHONE AND YOU PAY WITH PAYPAL YOU CAN GET 6 MONTHS OF YOUR PAYMENTS TO THESE DICKS REFUNDED IF YOUR PHONE SERVICE IS SHUT OFF DUE TO A CHARGEBACK ON A STOLEN CARD. I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO DO THIS AND STOP THE FRAUD. I GOT OVER 200 BUCKS BACK FROM CHEAPERCHANGE.COM FILING A CASE WITH PAYPAL FOR EACH PAYMENT TO THESE SCAMMERS, JUST BE VERY DESCRIPTIVE OF DATES AND TAKE LOTS OF SCREEN SHOTS. ADD ALL THE INFO ABOUT EACH TRANSACTION YOU CAN AND YOU WILL WIN. LETS STOP THE FRAUD THANK YOU ALL

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