UC Browser 7.4: Big Step From User Oriented Changes

The UC Browser has an update in the early November; I think most of our guys are enjoying it right now. Iíve noticed the news about the update, but I want to see comments about this new update to decide whether itís a good choice to try 7.4 or not. I install the 7.4 today, and then glad to find there are really some changes I want to share with you. And the still powerful download, which could help users to get over the operatorís file size limitation, and data compression and fast speed function are all been well kept in this new version. All the changes may be small, but they hit my necessary a lot and it is really becoming a mobile browser for worldwide users.

The first one is the cursor mode as default. Itís really good for new users who are so familiar with this mode from Opera mini. Frankly speaking, I paid a lot of hours to make clear the word - ďcommon modeĒ when I started to use UC Browser 7, then I changed to cursor mode which felt much more easy to use for me. New users can skip this learning step now. To the UC Browser, it is really a worldwide browser now.

The second change I feel happy to see is the improved feedback mechanism. We all know that the UC Team has a forum. But how could I report a bug or share my opinion on the go? In UC Browser 7.2, the feedback function is so poor that I even havenít any interest to open it, but in this update of UC Browser7.4, I find the difference. When I click the menu button and choose feedback, a form jumps out as a new tab and I can write what I want to say to UC Team and get updated about the things if I leave my email address.

The third change is the returning free copy function. I was so confused about the reason why UC team cut the free copy function in 7.2 version. I like the function so much; it helps me to share with my friends. I used to post for requiring it back in 7.2 version, but it didnít work. So I used Opera mini for some time during the UC Browser 7.2 version. But now it comes back, I can start using it again.

Another very important things is that UC Team seems to have fixed the access bug for Vodafone Live. Actually, I am with a sim card from Vodafone Live, in the old version, UC Browser can just visit wap sites with this APN, but now, it seems totally OK with my mobile now, thanks UC Team for doing that.

Although the changes I refer here are so small, but they are really useful during browsing. The UC Team is really doing something we can see from the first sight. Iím glad to see that and I suggest you to try the new UC Browser(you can find files at their wapsite), youíll love it as me.

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