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    I have not subscribed to T-Mobile's Text messaging plan, nor plan to do so as I do not use the service. However, for the past couple of months, I have been billed for exactly 6 outgoing sms messages, $.30 each month. I have contacted T-Mobile and they insist that I am sending the messages.

    Has anyone been billed for outgoing SMS messages they never sent?

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    i had the same thing happen to me... 4 each month, and i fought it out with their tech support one month, and it hasnt showed up since then

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    hi. i'm having the same problem from the opposite side!! here's my post:

    i've had my t-mobile account for 3 months now. each month i've been receiving usage charges for 75-100 text messages received from one particular number. i phoned them immediately to complain that i've neither received the message from the disconnected number, and to ask for an adjustment to my bill.

    this was given to me the first month. the second month the same thing happened from a different disconnected number. again i phoned customer service and they said they'd do something. this month's bill arrived with more usage charges and last month no adjustment was made.

    i phoned t-mobile and they refuse to adjust my account telling me i should simply add the $2.99 feature for 300 smses. they also told me that if they give me one more credit i'll have to pay any future usage charges regardless.

    the problem is obviously on their side and they refuse to cooperate with me. either it's a technical or billing glitch. what can i do about it? is there a cellphone consumer helpline ? can t-mobile actually check what's being sent in these messages so that they can see if i havent received them?

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    The only thing t-mobile can see is where there from. The fist time I had a problem with my bill and they told me they couldn't help me I told them I'd eat the early termination fee and go with someone else trust me they'll jump through whatever hoops you want them too.

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    U are so right...they will do whatever it takes to keep u if they really think you are gonna leave. I went on and on with them after they screwed me and they credited my account and gave me 500 bonus minutes

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    If itís coming from your handset someone has sent it when you are unaware of it or you are accessing websites and using IM

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