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    My bill is showing that there were a whole bunch of incoming calls from an unknown number based out of Oklahoma. There were also text msg to/from my phone that I never made! They took the charges off for me for the unknown incoming calls, but my wife is thinking I was talking with someone else over a 2 month period. The # is not in service and I need to find a way to show I didn't take or send those calls and messages.
    The T-mobile people said they couldn't tell me who it was, but they did credit my account. When I looked on the internet for that # in Oklahoma, it said that it was another T-Mobile #, but unable to give me a name.
    I didn't make or take these calls and wanted to clear this up. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Other than the numbers showing maybe one minute there’s really no way of knowing as the calls are billed in one minute increments, if they show only one minute then there’s your proof but only proof

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