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    i heard that t-mobile won the jd power and assoc. award for best service.. i'm thinking of switching.

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    I've had T-Mobile twice:

    The first time I had it for about a year and I had no complaints at all. I cancelled because the service was a gift (family plan with my brother and cousin) and was paid for by family members for one year. After one year, I didn't want to pay myself and was removed from the family plan.

    The second time was October 2004, I think. I decided that I wanted a phone again and was added back on to the family plan. I got some crappy free Nokia and used it for about 2 months until I bought a V600. My only complaint this time around was the problems I had with my T-Zones. And even then, the only problem I had was with the weather.

    All in all, T-Mobile has great for me.

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