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    I just logged into my t-mobile account on t-mobile.com and saw they have some plan that every 12 months you get a new phone, if you extend your contract one year. It's about that time for me. They have some decent deals and I want to take advantage of them.

    I was just curious if I could expedite this process and just hit up a T-Mobile Authorized Dealer store of some kind and take care of this. This would save time and let me get a new phone easily (I currently have a Motorola V66 and their "upgrade," for a mere 20 bucks before rebate, is a nice phone that has much more features and a color screen).

    Can I do this, or do I need to do this through t-mobile.com?


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    Sometimes not always you have to go through the website to get all the rebates and such but you can go straight to a dealer and get the upgrade although I'm not sure because I've never done it but they my still have to order the phone, which is going to make it take just as long as over the web. In any case I would give the dealer a call and see if he/she has the phone in stock and if you can get the upgrade straight from him or if they have to order it that way you won't waste the gas going there.

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    Does anyone else know? I know we have T-Mobile employees here.

    I have decided I want to go with a different phone, a Motorola V180. I figure most dealers will have it stock. There is no rebate on the phone on t-mobile.com Just the "Special" price of $49.99.

    The program through the t-mobile.com website is called "Any phone after 12."

    So does anyone definitively know whether I can upgrade my phone in person at an authorized dealer? Thanks again!!

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