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    I have read some post about over charged text messages but in my case i think its totally different.......
    I checked my account online today the minutes that have used is fine except for text. T-mo charges me 15 cents for incoming text (international) I knew that if we send text outside the US is 15 cents & free for incoming, am I right guys??? Did T-mo change the rate/plan for text messaging? Any T-mo representative here? Could you please explain what's goin on? Has anyone experience this? I appreciate any response.

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    Incoming text messages should be billed at a $.05/message rate, or included in your SMS Feature should on be present on the account. If you are being billed $.15/message, then you are being billed incorrectly. Check again, and you'll probably find that you were billed $.05 for each incoming SMS. International, or domestic.

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    It might be of interest to somet that even if you are siged up with T Mobile for unlimited Texting... It does NOT cover Texting of any kind that you are sending out internationally.

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    think verizon charges $.02 per incoming messages in continental U.S. unless you have a plan.

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