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    Preparing for a trip to Europe, I went to the T-mobile company owned store and upgraded my old Nokia to a Motorola V330. That was the recommendation made by the sales person who was informed numerous times I need it to work in Europe. "No problem", he said. I watched as he logged on to T-molile and activated the International Calling service. So off I went to Amsterdam.
    Got off the plane in Amsterdam and tried to call home. No such luck. My phone told me, 'Your call cannot be completed.' Several attempts with same result. Got to my hotel and called home on the landline and asked my spouse to contact T-mobile customer service for help. After getting lenghtly instructions on how to re-set the Network Settings and carrying out those instructions, still nothing.
    Down to the hotel desk I went and asked for directions to the nearest T-mobile store. So I paid a visit to the T-mobile store on Kalfstraat in Amsterdam. Afer explaining to the sales person my problem he replied, "You are not the first American to come here with that problem. Although T-mobile is a German company and claims to have 99% coverage in the Netherlands your phone will NOT work here."
    He also commented that he knows the American side of the company knows this but they do not tell customers the truth.
    Your T-Mobile phone will not work in Europe. Period.

    See More: T-Mobile does NOT work in Europe.Period.

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    A question

    Dear Winsongs
    Did the operator say why the phone would not work in Netherlands?

    I am in UK and previously have used in another contract had a T-mobile sim that worked in Paris and have alled others who were on T-mobile contract elsewhere in europe and world.

    Did you have international roaming activated?, this is something we folks in UK have to have operational to take us between relevant operators when in mainland europe or anywhere else in the world. I am wondering if this was the problem.
    Is that a help? Anyone else out there no if this is true?
    Deeky Evans ;0)

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    Your V330 should work in Denmark, itís a quad-band; source: http://www.t-mobile.com/products/ove...57&class=phone

    Checking the international coverage map in their website Denmark offers the GSM frequencies of 900 & 1800MHz, source: http://www.t-mobile.com/international/roamMaps.asp?c=46

    Always, always, verify that you have the international feature on your phone, if you have a multi-line account please state which phone on the account needs the international feature, if you have recently had major changes to the account the feature may be removed thru the system by mistake; exp. Mobile number change, rate plan change or address change, always check before you leave the country to see that you have after checking the website the country you are traveling to has a roaming agreement and the handsets offers the GSM frequency you required, after that you have to contact Cust Svc to see if you have the international feature for that phone, a reminder that as long as that handset is power on in that country you WILL be charged the international rate per minute, whether someone leaves you a voice message and you never pick up the phone, itís where the handset is located wheny ou power it on

    And again, yes, yes unless the country is not listed on the international roaming list, you canít get the international feature or you donít have the GSM frequency it will work

    Good Luck

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