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    Hey guys, i live in canada and i just spotted the samsung T-809.... i just want that phone so much but unfortunatly there is no t-mobile canada ....

    i was wondering, if i bought the T-809 in the US, could i use it in canada, permanently??? and would the cost/minute be higher? If yes, how much?

    Thank you

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    You can buy it on ebay, just make sure it is an unlocked version. Also, look for it on www.****. I'm not sure what services you have in Canada, but you would be able to use the T-809 only with a GSM service.

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    unlocked phone? what does it do?
    sorry im a real newbie

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    welcome to cpf, xtasy.

    in simple terms, when you get a cell phone, despite carrier, it is 'locked' to that network. in t-mobile's case (and cingular) they have a sim card which associates your phone to their network. if you 'unlock' the phone, it is able to accept sim cards from other gsm carriers. ex. unlock t-mobile phone to accept a cingular sim.

    so if you have a gsm service in canada, an unlocked phone could accept their sim card so you could use teh t-809.

    but you need a gsm carrier!

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    is that wat u call tapped
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    I agree with RR, as always! lol.. is there anyway to find out BEFORE u purchase a phone off ebay or anywhere else on the internet for that matter, if the phone is unlocked. I know with sprint for example, you can CALL and they will tell you if the phones still tied to the previous owner, cause with sprint if that owner owed money on their bill, or an ETF, u CANNOT activate THAT particular phone UNTIL its paid off. Is Tmobile the same way? What i mean is, can you buy a phone off someone else and activate it EVEN if that previous owner owed money?? hmm.. i am SO inquizitive lol. i like to know ALL i can know!! =) but yeah, i would buy one off ebay IF you could..
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    Re: T-Mobile service to canada?

    je suis habituellement au canada, j`etais en USA il y a une semaine et j`utilisais le T-Mobile, je voudrais savoir si je peux continuer a l`utiliser ici au canada car je dois y rester, en plus j`aimeriai connaitre votre adresse au canada pour que vous m`expliquerez plus clairement

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