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    Last october I was browsing through this forum in search of a good place that offered a good deal on tmobile refill cards for prepaid phone. someone suggested a certain site, but i cant remember the name and for some reason i didn't bookmark it.

    I do know that the site offered a $100 card for $95 plus had some sort of promotion where you could earn free cards by purchasing them from there -- something like spend $300 get a$10 card free? something like that. If anyone knows what I am talking about please let me know the site!

    See More: help! i lost a really good site that i used to by my prepaid minutes from....

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    IN fact, please let us all know.

    Just a word of news guys, coming soon:

    T-Mobile To-Go customer will be able to register on T-Mobile.com.
    I'll let you guys know as soon as it's official with all the details.

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    you are probably looking for cheapphonecards.com

    I got my $100 card for $87+ last month - you have to look out for coupons as they come and go ..

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    is that wat u call tapped
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    if you go to search and type in some keywords to the post, if u remember, or maybe details of the plan.. maybe that will help u.. try that and let me know.. if u need some help, i can help u!! =)
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