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    Okay so about 2 months ago I had a run in with T-Mobile who lost a payment I made through the automated system. After about 1 month and $235 in fees ecrued from my bank they found the payment, and quietly placed it back in my account. After all the trouble, the letters and the aggrevation I got nothing more than a woops! What i want to know if anyone has a sure fire way of getting out of my plan that won't cost me the $200 per line fee. I have a family plan with 3 line which would cost me $600. Can anyone help me??

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    is that wat u call tapped
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    Well... theres not much you can do. There have been cases with SPRINT where people got their ETF waived due to numerous consecutive errors/problems that were DOCUMENTED for MONTHS, not just ONE error. There have also been times people have LIED ( which i do NOT recommend u do ) to SPRINT and told them they were moving to a place with NO COVERAGE, yes.. they do want PROOF, a bill with YOUR name on it, with the NEW adress with the supposed NO COVERAGE, in this event, they will investigate, and have someone check it out and see if there really is NO coverage, once u get ur documents in with the company and they verify all this, you can USUALLY get the ETF WAIVED.. BUT again BOTH of these instances have been with SPRINT, NOT TMOBILE. I doubt either of these events will occur in your case, seeing as it was only ONE error. Sorry to tell you this but from what i BELIEVE, you will either have to wait until your contract is up or pay the 600.00. Thats your only option, as i see it. You dont have many problems, only one. Yes, it maybe seem frustrating, i understand that BUT you signed a contract and due to the fact that you signed a contract, you are binded to that until your time is up. If they let everyone go without paying the ETF just because of an ERROR ( that everyone is allowed to make some here and there, no1 is perfect, even AUTOMATED services ) then they would be broke and go out of business. Dont take this the wrong way, i just want u to see all sides of this. To you, you only see your frustrations and aggravations but what about Tmobile? They have to deal with investigating the situation, going over your account, reading your letters, responding, multiple phone calls back and forth, its alot on BOTH ends. Maybe you should give them another chance, i have Tmobile and i LOVE them, i have no problems what so ever with them. They are great!
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