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    My friend gave me his Sidekick couple months ago. working fine.. one day i wasnt able to make calls or sign online. it says That i need to insert a tmobile sim card in, but i already have one in there. also it says when i try to call or sign online. " Your device has a hardware problem. Please visit your nearest tmobile store or contact customer care. " "code: NET7"

    do i take it into a tmobile store and they will fix it? i did not activate the sidekick in my name, and theres a warranty one it correct?

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    Basically yes as for most new sidekicks that comes with 1 year warranty but also it best to have aurison for it and its only one small monthly fee for it to cover any that happens to your sidekicks in future after 1 year. Yep anything that happens to it all you need take them to store and they can do it to fix ur problem. It may even have to replace that sidekick you have to new one.
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    Unfortunately, it's not as easy as just taking it to the t-mobile store. I spent an hour on the phone with tech. Support troubleshooting my problems, finally they decided to have me send my phone to their repair center and they would in turn send me a refurbished unit. In the meantime, I was given a loaner phone but had to go to a t-mobile corporate store to receive it.

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