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    I am new here and new to unlocked phones. I just received an unlocked SLVR that I wish to use with my T-Mobile service. It seems to work fine for regular use but seems to be missing some features. Most importantly, I do not get the screen icon indicating that I have voice messages waiting. I also get the feeling that it will not auto update the time depending on my geographical location. I am not sure what other features might be missing. I called T-Mobile and there tech support did not seem to understand my problem , nor have a solution. I have seen in this forum, as well as the MotoModders forum, mention of SEEM fixes for this problem. I have not done this before but have been attempting to do so. I have downloaded the p2kman application but cannot seem to get it to recognize my phone. I am also a little nervous about attempting this. Can anyone help me with this, especially the absence of the voice mail pending indicator?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Maybe you should calll T-mobile and tell them some of the features don't work with the phone you have right now? Or did you already tell them? I think you should list what you said to T-mobile & their tech support and I'm sure any t-mobile reps can help answer you. I was going to use the unlocked SLVR w/ t-mobile also, but if this is the problem I might not get it at all.

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    The reason you're not getting your prompts is because you have to set up your T-Zones which inlcudes your MMS settings, Voice, Media, although there are no settings specifically for the SLVR on T-Mobile's configurator, try using the one's for the Razr, they are the same.


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    Also, before you can receive an MMS, you must send an MMS. After you've got it configured, of course.

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    I have tried the configurator using the V3 settings and that did not fix the problem. I will see if sending an MMS will take care of things; if not, I will call tech support this weekend. I will keep you posted as to my progress. Thanks for the advice so far!

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    Re: Use of SLVR with T-Mobile

    What you are missing are the standard TMO custom installl packages that get installed after the factory software. Your missing the voice mail message indicator icon. You can do it the manual way without the need to doing a seem edit. First look for Voicemail or Vmail in your phone book on the phone. Usually its the first one in there. Once you see that entry check to see what number is showing up in there. T-Mobiles messaging center number should be in there if the TMO Rep helped you out competely. The TMO Message Center number for all TMO customers is 1-805-637-7243. Once the number has been changed or in some rare cases you my have to enter it in. If you need to enter it in as a new entry you do it the same way would as if you were adding in a friends contact info. When entering it in new, the name can be either Voice Mail or voicemail. Either way it doesnt matter. There are some phones that I have noticed have two enteries for voice mail. the first enty is the TMO Message Center number, and then the second separate entry, will have the phone number as 123. Its doesnt hurt to have both. At anyrate, the TMO Messge Center number should be sufficient. Next you need to enable the 1 touch dialing on the phone. to find that you got to > Settings > Initial Setup > 1 Touch Dial. In there you will most likely select Phone. Once you have done that you just hit the menu key, select address book, then edit, and change the speeddial number to 1. Save the entry and you are done with that part.

    Text, Tzone, MMS are a little bit easier to do. It can be done online. To start the wizard just click T-Mobile Wireless Data Configurator

    That link will ask you a series of questions SLVR has several phone models, however this program only displays the L6 and the L2. If you have the L2, then choose the L2, but if you have the L7, which is not listed, just choose the L6 (its exactly compatable for the purposes of setting up your tzones, text, mms, etc).

    After you select the make and model of your phone in there, click next, it then gives you two options to choose from. I suggest you do both options so that the phone is completely set up (even if you dont use all the services). Hit next, then enter in your phone number, and then the picture validation code, and then submit, you then get a message on your phone indacting that services are/will be set up. Then just go back the same process to select the 2nd option and get that completely set up.

    From that point it should work properly. If when you press and hold down 1 and it dials the voicemail system and then askes you to enter in your mobile number, you may have your caller id to block to everyone. Simply enable caller id and it wont prompt you for your mobile number any more. Let me know if this didnt work.

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