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    So, I remember back to the days of yore when cell phone companies allowed you to go to other people's WAP sites and at least view them without having to pay a special monthly fee. Is there anyway to do this anymore, or has T-Mobile blocked this from happening?

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    lol. i remember when i hacked my virgin mobile phone so i could go online, without using my minutes! those were the days!!

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    Sprint probably hates me, because I make sure to use as much of my money's worth in picture mail and wap as possible, since I pay $15/month for it! Last month I sent about 75 picture mails (yes, really! I mail them to my photobucket before I delete them) and I use my wap a lot too.

    Yeah, $15 is a little steep, but all the free stuff they bundled into my plan keeps me from complaining. I just make sure I use it as much as I can to justify the cost and to make sure I'm costing Sprint at least some of that $15 in bandwidth.

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