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    Travelling soon?
    Moving to a different area?
    Looking to switch to T-Mobile?

    Use the following link to check to see if T-Mobile Coverage will be suffice for you. Enter any U.S. address or intersection and get a detailed view of coverage and signal strength. No more paper maps with general coverage!

    General coverage brochures are too broad and don't display specific signal strength. Searching for coverage using a zip code on ebay will not give you specific areas of coverage. With T-Mobile's Personal Coverage Check, you get a bird's eye view of street level coverage at virtually any U.S. address.

    See More: Find Out About T-Mobile Coverage Here
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    Excellent post T-RODRIG30, per your request we'll make this a sticky, hopefully members will take advantage of the links.

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    Any mis*****ings or grammatical errors in the above statement are intentional;
    they are placed there for the enjoyment of those who like to point them out.

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    Re: Find Out About T-Mobile Coverage Here

    Well another T-Mobile piece of propoganda. This information is not accurate at all. I've entered two address dead spots and they both came up as excellent coverage. Don't trust the information....Grrrrrrr!

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    Re: Find Out About T-Mobile Coverage Here

    It is possible that one of the towers in that area is down. Or the map may just be totally wrong. You can make T-Mobile aware of this by calling customer service and asking them to file a ticket for the area in question. They'll forward it on to the engineering team. Anyway, there is a disclaimer at the bottom of the Personal Coverage Check.

    This map predicts and approximates our wireless coverage area outdoors, which may vary from location to location and may change without notice. It may include locations with limited or no coverage. Our maps do not guarantee service availability. Even within a coverage area, there are several factors, such as: network changes, traffic volume, service outages, technical limitations, signal strength, your equipment, terrain, structures, foliage, weather, and other conditions that may interfere with actual service, quality, and availability, including the ability to make, receive, and maintain calls. Multi-band (850/1900 MHz) GSM/GPRS handset required for access to 850 Roaming Coverage. Ask a T-Mobile sales representative or visit tmobile/morecoverage for more information regarding handset requirements and T-Mobile 850 MHz coverage. 850 MHz roaming is offered through our roaming partners; some features (e.g. picture messaging, mobile to mobile) may not be available while roaming. Learn more >
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    Re: Find Out About T-Mobile Coverage Here

    Quote Originally Posted by T-RODRIG30
    I don't know why the link displayed as "Cell Phone Forums" in the above post, but it should actually say tmobile/morecoverage
    I fixed it Richie. I'll bring it to the attention of the admins as well. Also, I wanted to point out that I live fairly close to a Sprint tower, but all the huge oak trees in my neighborhood cause me poor reception. This goes along with what the disclaimer says about T-Mobile's coverage, because they can't guarantee their coverage won't be affected by atmospheric or environmental conditions.

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    Re: Find Out About T-Mobile Coverage Here

    That really helped me out to see covered areas by T-mobile

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    Re: Find Out About T-Mobile Coverage Here

    That's a good map...wish Verizon had it. It would be more useful to me to know where the towers are located. I don't know why the companies (except Sprint) are so hush-hush about tower location.


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    Re: Find Out About T-Mobile Coverage Here

    thanks alot very helpful

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    Re: Find Out About T-Mobile Coverage Here

    Here's another related article about coverage areas.

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    now you can check 3G coverage on PCC

    Unsupported Browser

    make sure you check "data coverage"

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