Sorry for posting the same thread in the sony ericsson and this place..didnt know where to post this thread

Hello im new here and i would like to ask question. Is the sidekick 3 or w810i is better because im getting one this week and dont know which to choose. I heard that the two phones are both very good. The sidekick 3 has great internet and added a mp3 player plus a 1.3 megapixel camera. and the w810 has 2 megapixel(i belive) with a GReat music player and has video and camera.Im stuck between the sk3 and w810i because like the sk3 has chatting and mp3 player but has no video . and the w810i has video mp3 but no chat ;(. So which one should i get.I need some help! Thanks in advance..!

P.S. the problem why i cant choose is that SK3 has something unique(like a strength) and the w810i has something unqiue also. THanks!

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