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    I just got mine, and I haven't got a clue what's next. I got it on eBay and all the guy included was the phone and AC adapter, no book, no cables, no CD or box. I was able to downloaded the manual thank God.

    I am trying to use a mini USB cable I have from a external HD and the PC doesn't detect the MDA. Anyone know if this is a special cable the MDA needs.

    Next, cannot get the Active Sync to work, either. Maybe the cable, I guess?

    And finally, I need to update the software on the MDA, and guess what. I need it to sync, and so on.

    Does anyone know where I can find the MAC address for the MDA. I looked all over the place and can't figure it out. I was trying to get it to see my wireless network at home.

    So much for buying this thing on the cheap!!!

    Any help would be great, Thanks

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    Re: TMobile MDA

    Word to the wise on those Ebay purchases.

    Look at Handango.com and see if you can find what you need there.
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    Re: TMobile MDA

    Also go to TMobile and or MDA website and download usb drivers. search for tutorials on your phone.

    I did a search for you and this is what I found;
    How Do I Perform a Device Upgrade? (T-Mobile MDA®)
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    Re: TMobile MDA

    OK, as it turned out, the USB cable I was trying to use was not compatible with the MDA. I had to order one from TMobile and then it all worked. The sync, the upgrade and all. Thanks for everyone's advice.

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    Re: TMobile MDA

    some advise: dont buy the cabe from a TMO Retail store! The cable is a USB Mini connector. The TMO Rtail Store charges like $20 for that cable when Radio Shack (hell even Walmart) sells a USB Mini for $8 or $9.

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