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    hi, everyone!
    i am from hong kong and i am in LOVE with this sidekick 3!!!
    so please someone help to give me an answer of the following concern:

    1) i did call t-mobile customer service, but they said, this sidekick are not able to be unlock??? is that true?
    2) we are using GSM here in HONG KONG too, so we do have a SIM card here, so if i have a luck to unlock the phone, i will be able to use it here in HK with a SIM card rigth?
    3) if yes, then will all the feature be able to use? i means those IM fuction like MSN, yahoo else, and the web browsing, also the phone call fuction for sure!!!

    please please please help me out!!
    i look forward to any help!!!

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    Re: Can sidekick 3 be used outside of US?

    hte only functions you will have are texting and making phone calls. The sidekick uses Danger's servers to store information and only a few companies have agreements with them, thus rendering the sidekick partly disabled when it is used on other networks
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    Re: Can sidekick 3 be used outside of US?

    I also heard they couldn be unlocked...As far as international use...thats a no

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