I was a Sprint user for over 3 years and decided to switch since the bills were getting too costly. I was interested in trying T-Mobile, called up the customer service, the CSR took all my information, told me that my location (I think it was taken off my zip code) would get great reception. Received the 3 phones today, had my Sprint numbers ported over, and voila, nothing. I sometimes get a bar or two, but all 3 phones are nothing to sneeze over. I look over at my Sprint phones and all 3 have 4-6 bars. I checked the T-Mobile coverage map online and apparently I'm 4th out of 6th in terms of signal strength. 1/4 mile down the road and it's better. The rep that took care of my porting said it might take 24 hours for the port to fully transfer, but I'm assuming that wouldn't have any effect on my signal strength. If I can't deal with the situation I have no choice to switch to Cingular (I checked the coverage map and doesn't look like a problem), but will I be able to take my number over there since I've just recently had it ported to T-Mobile? Thanks a ton.

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