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    My name is Michael and I am 14 years old. I'm in my freshman year of high school and really want a cell phone. One of my best friends has a Sidekick 3. I really like the what it can do and stuff. In class, im taking notes on paper (i have bad hand writing and lose my notes alot) and he is sitting there wirting them all into his phone. He can even type faster than I can write and then sends them to his email and prints them off! So anyway, he says it can ONLY be used with T-Mobile. Is this true? A blackberry is also on my mind. I have been looking at Blackberry 8100. I looked at images on google and it just looked a like it had small keys on the keyboard. (It kind of looked like it would be hard to type with.) One last thing is my dad has a phone with nextel that his work pays for. Is there any full keyboard phone that works with nextel?

    Thanks alot,

    P.S. ooooo, Maybe a MDA?

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    Re: Sidekick 3, T-mobile, Nextel, Blackberry...help please

    I would def. go for a t-mobile phone because I`ve had nextel for about 2 and a half years and now their service is not as good as it was before. I`m also using t-mobile right now and the service is a lot better. Since you like a phone with a "keyboard'' I would say the sk3 is good for you.

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    Re: Sidekick 3, T-mobile, Nextel, Blackberry...help please

    Sorry it took me a while to respond back to you. I know you PM me but I decided to answer your question here just in case other people have questions too.

    If your dad's company going to buy you a phone, I will choose Sprint. Keep in mind that Sprint now owns Nextel. I heard the service and quality are going down on Nextel because they planning to change Nextel technology to Sprint technology.

    Because of that, there aren't that many new Nextel phones out. There are very few of them now.

    For Sprint, I will choose these two phones. Both of them are basically the same but one is using Microsoft Windows and the other uses Palm OS.


    If you decided to go for T-mobile, I will say go for the Dash, MDA, or Blackberry 8700.


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