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    I'm upgrading my T-mobile phone. Anyone have comments on the Samsung t-619 vs Nokia 6133 vs Razr v3t? I 've read the features, but am interested in quirks and user experiences.Thanks!

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    Re: Phone comparison for upgrade

    I would like to know the same. I have had the RAZR V3 for awhile now and am ready to change since my RAZR hasn't survived my abuse very well. I would like a more durable phone but I want to be able to create and install my own free ringtones... so far I haven't found any softward or anything to link the Nokia's to my computer to install ringers... maybe someone will correct me. That causes a problem for me since I don't like to pay for ringers.



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    Re: Phone comparison for upgrade

    Well in my experience ( I am in the industry ) with cell phones is that Nokia's survivability is the best. They are also generally going to get better service. Their features aren't the top notch out there (they are just now starting to catch up) but they will be the most reliable.

    Motorola for some reason has had some VERY rickety cell phones with the GSM technology. The V300 and V330 all had signal problems that went along with their software. I know from PERSONAL experience that my nokia 3220 worked better than the V330 (as in I couldn't get signal in my apartment at all with the motorola and could with the nokia).

    I now have the samsung Trace t519 and I'm happy with it. The 619 is an early move to these types of phones and to be honest I haven't heard much about them. Samsung has made a large push (from what I can tell) to improve the quality of signal and service without losing a lot of their extra features. Also I -believe- ( I have not tried it ) that you can load via the USB connection or mini SD card (you have to buy this) you can load music onto the trace and t629 at least. Then you can set them up as your ringtone!

    I hope this helps!

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