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    Hey all, as you can see, this is my first post!

    Im currently on the market for a new cell phone... i have a nokia 3220 on the t-mobile network, but i want to upgrade and keep my network.

    I am looking for a phone with these features:
    -QWERTY keyboard
    -Good online access capabilities (fast browser and/or wi-fi connection)
    -t-mobile network or unlocked
    -under $150

    anyone know of a phone that has some of all of these features under the price limit? i was thinking the blackberry 7105t would be a good choice. I was also thinking about the sidekick 2 or the moto A630. Suggestions on which of these or another to choose?

    Also, does t-mobile give free IMing? (like AIM and MSN?)

    Thanks in advance everyone, and please forgive me if this post is not in the right section or there is something similar already up... its 1 in the morning and i need to go to bed, lol!

    EDIT: i am not interested in the BB 7105t anymore after hearing that it doesnot have a camera...

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    Re: Im on the market for a specific type of phone...

    Would you consider a MDA (HTC Wizard). I own Cingular's version (8125) and have been very pleased with it. It's free after rebates here at Letstalk.com.
    Here's the pros and cons from CNET.
    Any more questions, feel free to ask.
    Good Luck

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    Re: Im on the market for a specific type of phone...

    get a Balckberry Pearl. You can find them at around $150 with a qualified upgrade. IMO it's a lot nicer than the older 7105t

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