I need to buy a prepaid cell phone for a teenager and I'm thinking T-Mobile is the way to go (other possible choice is Net10). I see the Nokia 6103 has Bluetooth. I would just like to confirm that it is possible to get the pictures off of the phone using Bluetooth (as opposed to mailing them to some web site at 25 cents per pic!) I'm accustomed to Verizon phones where they usually make it impossible to use Bluetooth to get pictures off of them... does T-Mobile behave in the same asinine way?

This is the main reason we're considering T-Mobile over Net10... Net10 only has one camera phone, and no way to get pictures off of it except by sending them.

Also, is this a good choice? She'd probably buy a $50 (or maybe a $100) block of minutes at once. (The $50 or less blocks price it higher than Net10's 10 cents a minute though.)

Thanks in advance!

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