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    Hi guys,

    I'm searching for a cell phone with wifi, so I could access wireless internet and use Yahoo Messenger for free. Is there any way to get a cell phone with T-Mobile Pre-paid service, and also use wifi?

    Im a total noob when it comes to cell phones. If a cell phone has wifi, is the wireless internet free to use? Or do i still need to pay a fee or something even when theres wireless internet connection available from public?
    Is wifi a service, or is it a phone function independent of service?

    My goal is, to get a cell phone so I can use its wifi and use free internet to use Yahoo messenger, and perhaps use Yahoos VoiceOut service. I dont want to pay for a plan. I like the pre-paid rates of T-Mobile. Thats why im asking it like this.

    Thanks alot guys!

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    Re: Wifi Pre-Paid??

    Well yes and no. WiFi on a phone does allow you to access open WiFi networks around you for no cost, but using a messenger or anything like that I don't think will work because you have no data plan. Depends though it could possibly goto your text messaging.

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    Re: Wifi Pre-Paid??

    One might be able to IM and mail from web browsers without a data plan provided the web browser works over WIFI. Many common IM and e-mail providers have web interfaces. I'm wondering if there is or will be a hotspot@home phone that has a web browser that works over WIFI.

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    Re: Wifi Pre-Paid??

    Hi all. I recently wanted to buy a new wifi remote controller that would meet all modern standards. To be honest, at first I could not think that it would be so difficult, because as it turned out, it is very difficult to find this thing these days. But still after some time I was lucky to come across this wifi remote controller. As soon as I saw it I immediately decided to buy it and I don't regret it at all.
    I hope my advice will be useful to you.

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    Re: Wifi Pre-Paid??

    Wife Pre-Paid

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    Re: Wifi Pre-Paid??

    I guess we gotta deal with it still, even though it's not 2008 already....

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    Re: Wifi Pre-Paid??


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    Re: Wifi Pre-Paid??

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