Check the service provider for the cost per minute, using your phone on a cruise can cost $5.00 per minute.. the free features you may get on your current rate plan does not follow you when you leave the country, you're using another carrier .. if someone calls you and you don't answer the phone the fact that you have the phone powered on means that you will be charged by that service provder for the message that is left , if you access your voicemail fromt he mobile phone you will be charged for retrieving your voice messages on the mobile phone ... this information is published on the T-Mobile website ... check FIRST to make sure that you have the GSM frequency on your phone to that of your destination, don't wait until you get to your desintation ... there is a charge for ALL voice, text and data .. you are no longer using T-Mobile as a service provder.. this information is published on the T-Mobile website

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