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    Dear T-Mobile Users:

    Our company is testing a nation-wide Amber Alert that will deliver
    both the body of the alert, and a picture of the child to cell phones.

    We'd like to test the service with a few dozen Sprint cell phone users,
    to be sure it's bullet-proof.

    If you'd like to participate, please send me a private message off-list.

    There wouldn't be any compensation, but testers would be able
    to know they' had helped test a system that could very well save
    the life of a child, or, had helped in some way expedite the recovery
    of a kidnapped child.

    Thanks in advance for anyone who elects to help!


    See More: "Help Wanted"; testing mobile Amber Alerts
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    Re: "Help Wanted"; testing mobile Amber Alerts

    This being posted in the Tmobile threads and asking for Sprint customers is a bit confusing. But, I think this is a great idea and hope it is legitimate. I have been wondering why satellite radio has not implemented something like this in their programming. Let us know if this will be offered to all providers.

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