I need a recommendation for a new cell phone--there's too many out there! About 15 months ago (based on a rave review by PCMAG) I bought a T-Mobile SDA. It started falling apart a week after I bought it (T-Mobile graciously offered to have it fixed--at my expense), but super glue has helped it limp along until last week, when it definitively died. Unfortunately, I'm still hostage to 7 more months on my 2-year contract with T-Mobile, and need a new phone!

I recently read a review that the iPhone does everything great--except make calls. I need a very solid phone that (1) is great and simple at making calls, (2) syncs with MS Outlook contacts and calendar. That's it. I don't care about texting, surfing, making toast, etc. If it's one that I can use through the remaining months of my T-Mobile contract, then be free to change providers, so much the better. Reliability and durability are more important to me than style.

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