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    Samsung Behold T919 Espresso
    Ok so I managed to get a hold of one today and I thought I would make a thread to discuss it if anyone else has it. I have read a ton of stuff about it online and there are a lot of things websites claim the Behold has,but it does not or it's unclear. So here is my specs recap of things I have had trouble clearing up by looking up info online.

    1.) External Sd Card Memory: Sites say it takes up to an 8gb card, but the people at T-Mobile told me it takes up to 16gb. Mine has an 8gb in it and runs fine.

    2.) Speaker Volume is great!!

    3.) No 3.5 mm jack for standard headphones. It comes with a fairly nice headphone set, but you cannot buy an adapter to use a standard headphone set either. I was told it will be available next week some time.

    4.) No carry case was available either, not ready till next week either...sigh

    5.) Price is $199 not $149, but there is a mail in rebate for $50. You ONLY the rebate if you sign up for a $15 a month internet plan, plus you need to resign a contract for 2 years.

    The whole phone navigates easier then any phone I have ever used. It's very intuitive and stylish at the same time. So far, I give it an 8.5 out of 10.

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    Re: Samsung Behold SGH-T919 in my hands

    Yeah, I have to agree the Samsung Behold is a great phone.
    It's so easy to use.

    The Samsung website says it can take up to 16GB, but everyone else I've spoken to in person tells me 8GB. I'm going to get an 8 since a 16 is way to expensive.

    Speak volume, yeah it's okay, wish the music was louder.

    Oh that's why. I was asking everyone in every store about this adapter. Everyone said they had no idea. I was going to just order one off ebay... wouldn't it work with the Samsung ones. Samsung Plug to 3.5MM?

    Yeah, haven't seen any cases, but some ugly leathers one. No thanks.
    I really want one too. First touch screen I've had, don't want to break it.

    The price is normally 399$ I think.
    Instant rebate is $199 then mail in for $50.
    I got the rebate, I only extend my plan, no data plan.

    Hate that there's no Wifi. Damn T-Mobile got greedy and wants us to buy the data plan.

    I have some questions.

    So, for the email and instant messaging, how does it work?

    Is it free...? Can I use it without being charged if I don't have the data plan.

    Can it play movies?
    What games does it run?

    The top left corner... it says [3G] in blue... what's it mean?
    When I tried using IM it turned to an [E] red? What's that mean...
    A red ! popped up too on the top.

    Also, what's a red [3G] mean.

    Man, why doesn't the book have all these questions answered. Thanks!

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    Re: Samsung Behold SGH-T919 in my hands

    Very helpful. The phone looks very nice, for the price it seems like it performs well too. Its so annoying that Tmobile makes you buy the data plan though... AGHHH! Do you think I would be allowed to renew my contract if it has been under two years? 399$ is wayyyyy too much to pay for that phone other wise. Thanks for the tips.

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    Re: Samsung Behold SGH-T919 in my hands

    1.) External Sd Card Memory: Sites say it takes up to an 8gb card, but the people at T-Mobile told me it takes up to 16gb. Mine has an 8gb in it and runs fine.
    There are two types of Micro SD cards:

    Micro SD

    Micro SDHC

    The only difference is the "HC." What is "HC?" It stands for "High Capacity."

    A phone that supports SDHC can accept both SD and SDHC cards. A phone that supports only SD cannot accept SDHC.

    Regular SD cards go up to 4GB, any Micro SD card with a higher capacity uses the HC format. That means, as long as a phone's hardware can support 1GB it can support 4GB. If a phone can support 8GB it can support up to 32GB. Currently a 32GB MicroSDHC card is not commercially available (as far as I know,) therefore the highest memory the Behold can support is 16GB.


    The Behold is a TouchWiz Samsung Capacitive touchscreen phone. TouchWiz is a great UI and it's pretty snappy on even mid-end hardware. You can't beat a capacitive touch screen, IMO and TouchWiz is really capable of taking advantage of it.

    Overall, it's a solid touchscreen phone for a carrier severely lacking in touch-based devices.

    6/10 from me.

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