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    I always accidentally press the right white line button on the Nokia 5310 home screen and go into "t-zones". Is there anyway to customize it so that I don't do that anymore?

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    Re: Removing t-zones button?

    I have the same problem. I gave up 2 blackberries for this Nokia 6301 phone, and it was a great move. T-Mobile doesn't even know this thing can synch with Outlook (download the Nokia PC Suite from the Nokia site). For the things I do, this Nokia phone blows away the Blackberries I've owned. Nokia makes a great phone, but T-Mobile, in their infinite wisdom placed the t-zones main menu button on the same key used to exit from subordinate screens. I might be anywhere from 3 to 5 menus deep, so to get to the main menu, I just click the back/exit button a bunch of times. Once it gets to the main menu, it pops you into t-zones since this is the button configuration on the main menu...now you have to wait another 5 seconds for the stupid thing to get out of t-zones and then you can go where you want. Imagine my frustration when my son's up to bat, and I've got about 10 seconds to get my phone out to start the video recording. I hit the stupid T-Zones button by accident, and now I've got another 5 seconds to get back to the main menu to get the video started. I missed an at-bat with my son hitting a triple last night and I cursed in my head at t-mobile for an hour after that. UGGGH!

    Here's what we all need to do. If you share my frustration, call 611 on your T-Mobile phone, ask for PDA support and tell them you hate having T-Zones on the "Right Selection Key" and could they please ask the engineers if they can't get marketing to get the advertisement off the phone completely, to at least move it to the "Left Selection Key". If they feel the need to advertise on an expensive service like this, at least they can get the stupid advertisement button out of our way. If enough people complain, they'll change it.

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